• Where can I buy Home Gourmet products?

Home Gourmet has many stockists in both New Zealand and Australia. Most Supermarket chains carry our products.

  • Are ducks tough?

Unlike old farm ducks of the past, Home Gourmet ducks are bred to be meaty and tender. Click onto our Recipes Button to find out how to cook your Home Gourmet duck portions to perfection.

  • Why are ducks so much bigger now?

Through selective breeding Home Gourmet are able to produce a duck that is bigger in size and with greater meat ratio to fat.

  • Are ducks fatty?

No. Once ducks are cooked properly, the duck fat will be cooked out. Expect a large quantity of duck fat in the pan. This can be saved for cooking the best roast potatoes in the world. Duck meat actually contains less fat than chicken meat.

  • How does the flavour of duck compare to chicken?

You cannot compare duck to chicken. Duck has far superior flavour and texture.

Unlike frozen chicken, frozen duck can be thawed and cooked without any deteriation of quality or flavour. And unlike cold chicken, duck can be reheated and served as a prestige meal.

  • Are Home Gourmet’s Duck products gluten free?

Home Gourmet’s duck portions are naturally gluten free.

Best of all, Home Gourmet’s gluten free products taste delicious, so add Home Gourmet to your gluten free diet today.

  • Are they given hormones ?

Absolutely NO.
There are no growth hormones or antibiotics used in the production of our duck.

  • Does duck have a gamey flavour?

No. Domestic duck is quite different to the gamey flavour of wild duck. The domestic duck meat has the appearance of red meat and does not have a distinguishing aroma or strong taste to it.

  • How do I cook a duck?

The answer to this question and all related cooking questions are addressed in the Recipes section of this website.