Home Gourmet is the market leader in meeting the needs of the Foodservice industry with value added duck products.

Our Mission

Make duck easy to use, good value and available everywhere.  Not to mention delicious!

Market Segments

  • Foodservice
  • Asian Foodservice
  • Retail Meat Departments
  • Airlines
  • Catering
  • Export

Each of these segments is specialised and has individual requirements for both the finished products and customer requirements.

Home Gourmet’s Point of Difference

  • Our duck products are consistently tender, meaty, high quality and hygienically processed and packed
  • We offer a wide variety of innovative value added portion control duck products.
  • Our packaging is informative and our products live up to our slogan, “It’s so easy”
  • Literature is attractive, colourful and features creative ideas/recipes

Meeting and Exceeding Standards


  • Demand for duck meat is increasing rapidly year by year
  • Once appearing only on the menus of 5 star restaurants and Chinese BBQs, duck is now a standard menu choice throughout the world’s eateries
  • Demand has shifted from whole duck to value added duck
  • Home Gourmet specialises in value added duck – easy to store, prepare and serve in any kitchen or include on any menu
  • Confit Duck is now available

21st Century Duck

  • Home Gourmet is working with the booming hospitality industry, improving quality, crafting new dishes and researching more convenient ways to present duck in a world which has less and less time for “slow” food
  • The company’s own chef is closely involved in the development of new duck products as well as being available for assistance and advice about cooking and presenting duck